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Interact with suppliers to ensure
  • You get the best price for your needs
  • And build your procurement network
  • Whether for planning and budgeting, quoting a customer, benchmarking your suppliers, or expanding your business, let LogiLink be your market partner
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We strive to cultivate an online marketplace and peer forum where:
  • Suppliers can gain access and exposure to new markets
  • Buyers can find and engage with suppliers that they were previously unaware of
  • All industry suppliers can advertise and compete on a fair and open platform and
  • Suppliers can benchmark their offerings against competitors
  • To be the industry leader in market intelligence
  • To be the conduit for efficient and effective, mutually beneficial relationships in the industry
What we do:
  • Provide suppliers with opportunities to quote on buyer listed RFQs on an equal footing with other players in the market
  • Offer suppliers a platform to benchmark prices anonymously against similar offerings on the platform - we will provide your rank in the market according to price as well as the % difference between you and your competitors
  • Provide a highly marketable listing appearing in product and / or service specific categories
  • Offer special deals to buyers exclusive to LogiLink
  • Provide a dashboard to track and update your listing

Supply Chain Procurement


  • Post RFQ’s for all your specific Supply Chain needs
  • Receive multiple responses from LogiLink suppliers
  • Get the best price through our competitive bidding process
  • Interact and receive formal quotes from your selected supplier
Business Development

Business Development

  • Respond to buyer posted RFQ’s
  • List your company across multiple Supply Chain categories
  • Benefit from major traffic generation to your listing
  • Gain exposure to exclusive business development opportunities
Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

  • View confidential price ranking against competitors for specific requirements
  • Participate in regular benchmarking opportunities
  • Use the RFQ response tool to improve your offering to RFQ’s
  • Broadcast your market position for specific offerings

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